Ersatz-11 for Windows

Ersatz-11 is available as a native Windows application, as well as in DOS and Linux versions. The Windows version runs substantially better on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/10/11 than the DOS version does (which would need 16-/32-bit Windows anyway), since it has access to thread-based asynchronous disk I/O, high-precision timers, device-independent serial and printer port interfaces, raw Ethernet, raw SCSI, and of course the VT100 emulation is excellent and allows multiple terminal windows to be displayed at the same time without requiring two monitors like the DOS version.

Existing E11 customers may upgrade their licenses for E11 for DOS or Linux to the Windows version at any time by paying only the difference in the current prices. E11 for Windows is currently priced at US $4,999 for the first copy and US $2,499 for each additional copy (used by the same end user).

There is a Demo version of E11 which may be used for a 30-day commercial evaluation (no limit on hobbyist use). The manual for the Demo version is included in the self-extracting archive, or it may be downloaded separately here.

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