This page is NOT seriously under construction, I just put it here because once in a blue moon someone comes looking for it (according to the web server logs). You might as well just look here since that's where the interesting stuff is on this machine.

Random stuff will be added here all the same in no particular order.

I might as well blather on about myself a bit just in case someone really is looking for me and isn't sure they have the right John M. B. Wilson, since it's a common name (except for the pretentious middle initials, that's why they're there). It seems like everyone thinks they served with me in a war, or voted for me in the 1972 presidential primaries or something. So I'll put lots of trivia here so you can be sure whether or not I'm the JW you remember.

Married to Judy (Frangie) Wilson, summer 1995 to summer 2000.

Jobs, most recent first:

Schools/colleges attended (however briefly), most recent first:

Interests (you must be easily amused if you read this far):

If you still think you've found the right John Wilson, drop me a line, my email address is my last name