Stand-alone Ersatz-11

Ersatz-11 is available in a stand-alone version, which boots from a hard disk partition (or USB drive or floppy disk) and runs on a bare PC with no operating system. It includes a FAT12/16/32 file-system driver. It provides most of the benefits of the DOS version (mainly direct access to hardware, such as Q-/Unibus adapters or multi-serial cards, and reduced exposure to changing software environments) to users who don't want to run DOS. It truly is a stand-alone system (there's no DOS hidden inside) and it boots very quickly directly to the E11> prompt.

Pricing is the same as the DOS version.

There is a Demo version of E11 which may be used for a 30-day commercial evaluation (no limit on hobbyist use). The manual for the Demo version is included in the self-extracting archive, or it may be downloaded separately here.

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